Gene Simmons Says He Was ‘Wrong’ About Cannabis

Gene Simmons recently publicized cannabis producer Invictus’ launch on the Toronto Stock Exchange (with the new ticker symbol, GENE) and announced he’d purchased $10 million in the company’s stock. The move is interesting considering the rocker has avoided alcohol, drugs and cigarettes his whole life.

“I was wrong and I was not informed,” Simmons told the Toronto Sun. “Well, drug abuse, you don’t have to be a genius (to know that’s wrong) and alcohol abuse, everybody knows that’s wrong but I’ve been dismissive of cannabis. And I didn’t know much about it. I just dismissed it out of hand.”

“I have to man up and admit in the past, I used to dismiss lots of things because of ignorance and arrogance,” he continued. “About three years ago when I did my own research, I found out astonishingly new information that doctors and researchers were talking about with regards to cannabis.”

Cannabis use has been shown to benefit people with cancer, HIV/AIDS, chronic pain and other health issues. It is medically legal in Canada and the United States.

Simmons, 68, has been designated the Vancouver-based Invictus’ “Chief Evangelist Officer” and media spokesman. He is also a savvy businessman who understands the power of endorsement. He is largely responsible for the thousands of licensed products that generate income for KISS and himself.

“For me, this is a great business opportunity. As a matter of full disclosure, I’ve got 10 million in stock in the company and I’m glad to do it,” he explained. “Respectfully, I’m not as much a celebrity as a businessman because you can’t find somebody like me. I have a restaurant chain, also some other businesses that have nothing to do with playing a guitar.”

He added, “At the end of the day, business is the sexiest thing.”

In 2016, Simmons told the Los Angeles Times why he’d never gotten drunk or high: “I’m my mother’s only child. I was concerned I had no right to harm my mother. Life did that enough.”

He explained that his straight edge lifestyle enabled him to continue to perform for over four decades. He added: “I literally never drink. Privately or publicly. I simply don’t like the taste or the smell of anything with alcohol in it. I have never been drunk in my life and have never taken more than a sip of anything and hated it every time. I will toast just to be social, but that’s it.”


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