Les Stroud

Survivorman’s Les Stroud Making Music With Environmental Message

Les Stroud, best known as the star of the adventure television series Survivorman, is the equivalent of Captain Kirk in some respects… by boldly going where no man has gone before. However, he’s also delivering a musical message of environmental protection with his new studio album Bittern Lake. Stroud, who … Read More

Marijuana Grow Op

Cannabis Cultivation Has Drastic Environmental Risks

With plans to legalize marijuana before this July in Canada, there have been recent discussions about what cannabis production will look like and how it will affect the environment. Because marijuana plants require a lot of water and artificial light when grown indoors, they consume a lot of energy. Naturally, there … Read More

green-feminine logos

Men Fear “Green-Feminine” Stereotype

While Canadians are recycling more than ever before, not everyone is trying to leave a smaller carbon footprint by being earth friendly. Research shows that women tend to be more environmentally conscious than their male counterparts. It may be because they tend to be more altruistic. But a new study … Read More

Plastic Bag Ban

New Montreal Plastic Bag Ban

As of the new year, Montreal implemented a plastic bag ban – the first major Canadian city to do so. Former mayor Denis Coverer’s administration passed the bylaw in 2016 and current Mayor Valérie Plante is moving forward with it. The new bylaw bans lightweight plastic shopping bags, specifically ones … Read More

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