Ben Sherman Label Comes to Canada

British fashion brand Ben Sherman, known particularly for its fine-tailored shirts, opens its first freestanding retail store in Canada tomorrow. The first 100 people to cross the freshly painted entrance of the store, strategically located in the heart of Toronto’s fashion district, will receive a free pair of this winter’s … Read More

Oliver Spencer: British Style in Toronto

Last month, when British label Oliver Spencer opened shop in Toronto, life got a whole lot easier for time-crunched, style-savvy guys. Menswear Row – the short block of Queen West that’s already home to Fred Perry and Ruins (not to mention DailyXY’s de facto HQ, Cloud Espresso Bar) – became … Read More

Toronto’s Best Fish ‘N’ Chips

Long before the four food groups were identified, the British invented fish and chips, among history’s most nutritionally imbalanced – and delicious – meals. Here, Toronto’s finest. High Street Fish and Chips Welcome to batter heaven: Golden, almost greaseless, delicate, crispy layers surround a generous and fresh halibut fillet. Thick-cut … Read More

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