Toronto’s Best Fish ‘N’ Chips

Long before the four food groups were identified, the British invented fish and chips, among history’s most nutritionally imbalanced – and delicious – meals. Here, Toronto’s finest.

High Street Fish and Chips
Welcome to batter heaven: Golden, almost greaseless, delicate, crispy layers surround a generous and fresh halibut fillet. Thick-cut chips are crisp on the outside and almost fluffy on the inside. Halibut and chips, $10.95. 55 Underhill Dr., 416-510-8905.

The Queen and Beaver Public House
Haddock fillets marinate in herbs and lemon zest before they get the beer batter treatment. The frying process injects extra flavour into the fish; a crisp batter seals it in. Chips are hearty, and the house-made tartar sauce and ketchup make excellent sidekicks. (So do frosty pints.) Haddock and chips, $17. 35 Elm St., 647-347-2712.

Kingsway Fish and Chips
For over 50 years, Kingsway have been executing this classic with almost shocking consistency. The batter is substantial but never soggy, and you can practically taste the potato farmer’s hands (in a good way) in the fries. Halibut and chips, $9.29. 3060 Bloor St. W., 416-233-3355.

British Style Fish & Chips

Portions of fish and chips at this east end institution are generous; the fillets are super-fresh and incredibly moist, sealed in with a thick, crisp and slightly greasy batter. If you’ve visited a real British chippy, you’ll find this comfortingly authentic. Halibut and chips, $9.65. 73 Coxwell Ave., 416-698-7778.

If variety is the spice of life, then Chippy’s rules, offering Guinness-battered halibut, haddock, cod or salmon, or panko-crusted prawns and scallops, as well as tangy slaw and hearty, hand-cut fries. Halibut and chips, $11.99. 893 Queen St. W., 416-866-7474; 490 Bloor St. W., 416-516-7776.

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13 thoughts on “Toronto’s Best Fish ‘N’ Chips”

  1. you missed ‘Olde York Fish & Chips’ on Laird. I’ve been ordering F&C from there every Friday night for the past 2 years. Meaty Halibut and crispy batter…not too greasy.

  2. Thanks for these others, though. Good to know that there’s quality all around the city! The big question though, Michelle, is “Do they have great Tetley’s?”!

  3. You have missed the best Fish and Chips in the city!
    Penrose Fish & Chips at 600 Mount Pleasant Road is in a class if its own! Very high quality product truly produced in the best traditions of the Brit heritage. Memories of years gone by!

  4. Mmmm Chippy’s! Will have to try out High Street. I’m East end, so normally I go to Penrose’s to get my fix. They’re pretty good too! 🙂

  5. I definitely suggest Penrose and Olde York fans try High Street Fish and Chips…..beyond the killer fish & chips, they have house-made steak & kidney pies, Melton Mowbray pies, and even brown sauce if you prefer that as a condiment…..this is pretty close to a true Brit experience. Owners Frank & June McNie are Scots, and they know their stuff.

    and Eric….will try and verify the availability of Tetley……

  6. oh! and of course……you don’t get a much better pub in Toronto for atmosphere, draught beer….and of course food (fish and chips included) than the Queen & Beaver!!

  7. Penrose! Penrose! Wherefore art thou, Penrose?! As has been pointed out on here, there is a glaring omission in the form of this hallowed Mount Pleasant establishment.
    Reasons why Penrose Fish & Chips wears its heroic wreath so justly include:
    1) They still wrap their take-away orders in newspaper (Brussels killjoy policies won’t work here!) 2) They have fantastic pictures of Old Toronto for your perusal if you want to dine in 3) You can get a bottle of Irn Bru, Tizer or other such British delight with your meal 4) If you still have room, you can order a sumptuous slice of lemon meringue pie or crumble for afters.
    But perhaps the greatest one of all…. 5) Ma Penrose herself still helps out behind the counter – all of 80-something and she still has a cheery word and a chat for customers.
    Actually, I know where I’m eating later, it is Friday after all….

  8. I tried your recommendation, Kingsway Fish and Chips and can’t figure out how you gave it such a glowing report. Their contribution, batter and fries were mediocre at best. And the rice pudding wasn’t any better. They must have been trying for a blend of Manhattan and New England in their chowder, an endeavour not appreciated by this client. Oh, well, another time, another place.

  9. Why can’t fish and chip restaurants make chips as good as the highway chip trucks? Just curious

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