Calgary Patio Preview

After a record mild winter in Calgary, there’s a sense we haven’t really earned patio season this year through the traditional means — by suffering a savage and near-unbearable seven-month freeze. There’s also a sense that it’s patio season and if the sun god of winter 2012 decides to clock a … Read More

Ladies’ Night in Calgary

The simple truth, gentlemen, is that, knowingly or unknowingly, women prevent us from acting stupid. If you are ever a situation that finds you witnessing (or being one of) two blowhards debate Gretzky’s legacy, or lack thereof had he played in the NHL of today, it’s all-but guaranteed there’s a … Read More

Live Music Venues in Calgary

Calgary sometimes gets saddled with specious rep for not having enough music culture. DailyXY protests — and has already done so. The live music scene in particular is thriving in Cowtown; if you know the venues to frequent, then more often than not you’ll return home smiling from your entertainment … Read More

Destination: Patio, Calgary

Hitting the patio for a drink during Calgary’s late spring and summer is more than a satisfying experience for men in the city — it’s downright cathartic, getting us outside and providing opportunities to see beautiful women bathed in prairie sunlight and, hopefully, smiling in our direction. Depending on your … Read More

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