Study: The Modern Email Blunder That Makes You Look ‘Incompetent’

Despite that fact that most of us are connected to our email accounts all day most days, there are still some dumb mistakes that are all too common. Here’s how to dodge some of the most frequent pitfalls – along with some email communication tips for the modern professional. You … Read More

Who gets hired through LinkedIn (and who gets ignored)

Is who you know really more important than what you know? Sometimes. While it’s essential that you actually have the skills to actually do the job, often it is the people in your professional network that can help get you that foot in the door to prove what you can … Read More

New survey says Canadians don’t know how to dress for work (So, here’s what to wear)

A new survey of Canadian employees shows that many of us just don’t know what to wear to work anymore. So, here are the answers to some of the most common workplace clothing questions and pitfalls. OfficeTeam surveyed over 400 Canadian office workers about how they dress for work, and … Read More

Stats Can: The highest (and lowest) paying jobs in Canada right now

Here’s an up-to-date look at which Canadians are bringing home the fattest paycheques and who is falling behind. The data crunchers over at Statistics Canada have just released a report on hourly wages for occupations across the country. We recently reported that the average Canadian income is just over $50k … Read More

Eight interview questions you don’t need the answers to (because you won’t be getting the job)

Asking the wrong questions in job interviews can send red flags to employers that you are not the kind of candidate they’re looking for – and that working with you will probably suck. There’s usually some small talk at the beginning of a job interview which can seem conversational. Don’t … Read More

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