New survey says Canadians don’t know how to dress for work (So, here’s what to wear)

A new survey of Canadian employees shows that many of us just don’t know what to wear to work anymore. So, here are the answers to some of the most common workplace clothing questions and pitfalls. OfficeTeam surveyed over 400 Canadian office workers about how they dress for work, and … Read More

Eight interview questions you don’t need the answers to (because you won’t be getting the job)

Asking the wrong questions in job interviews can send red flags to employers that you are not the kind of candidate they’re looking for – and that working with you will probably suck. There’s usually some small talk at the beginning of a job interview which can seem conversational. Don’t … Read More

Three surprising things successful job interview candidates have in common

A new report released last week by the hiring company SmartRecruiters sheds some light on who is more likely to get hired for the job after their interview. Their data was collected from surveys of roughly 2,000 job applicants, some who were successfully hired, and many more who were rejected. … Read More

Job Interviews Reward Narcissists

Man, narcissists sure do show up everywhere. Twitter. The internet. The creative field. Now, they’re horning in on that already more-ridiculous-than-it-should-be, the job interview. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, narcissists tend to do better in job interview than people who behave more modestly. … Read More

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