The Urban Mobile Office, Montreal Cafés

Working from home might sound ideal on paper but unless you live alone, family, friends and television are all obstacles when it comes to getting things done. If you find yourself rereading the same byline, or labouring to meet deadlines in the face of distraction, chances are you need a … Read More

Toronto’s Best Public Workspaces

Face it: the 9 to 5 is passé. Also passé: offices. And jobs. Freelancing is where it’s at. You’re your own boss and the world is your office. Provided, of course, that the part of the world in question offers free Wi-Fi. Here, the best wireless-enabled spots in Toronto. Hank’s … Read More

Opera Bob’s Public House

In the past few years, as rising rents and loft-hunting yuppies have pushed out the indigenous Queen West crowd, refugees have been drifting north along Ossington, opening galleries and vegan coffee shops along the way. The migration has produced the strange and dynamic intersection of Dundas and Ossington, where Portuguese … Read More

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