Your Distressing Post-Breakup Social Media Behaviour

Problem You’ve just broken up and you’re committed to making this as clean a break as possible. Reality Social media is about to ruin your plans in a big, big way. Method A study published in Information, Communication, and Society surveyed hundreds of young people accustomed to ‘electronic surveillance’ (their … Read More

Managing Finances as a Couple

Sure, money can’t buy you love. Thing is, free of charge, it can also ruin your relationship(s). Yes, we’re all-too familiar with the clichés: women buy too many shoes and men buy too many toys. No surprise that, statistically, money is among the three most common thing couples fight about; … Read More

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

The disappearing act: with a lot of guys, it’s not even an act. What about long-distance disappearances, though, temporary or long-term? They are not part of everyone’s lives, but affect many of us. Sometimes work or family obligations take you to another city for a while. Or maybe it’s that … Read More

Stamp of Semi-Approval

Going against the grain (but not the watermark) as of April 1, Denmark has introduced a bleeding-edge tech component to its postal service. Users can now text the post office in order to purchase a digital stamp. The “stamp” itself is a code, texted back post-payment, that the user hand-writes … Read More

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