Avoiding Toronto’s TIFF Traps

TIFF is halfway through, and it seems like ticket opportunities are fading fast. Slow down, though—by this point in the festival, you’ve got to be careful of what you pay for. Consider skipping the following. The Shameless Blockbuster Oh, I get it—this movie skipped the summer season and landed in … Read More

Introducing: Wiser’s Spiced Whisky

In university, one of my devastatingly honest female friends, Elisa, told me I’d have better luck with women if I kept a more diverse liquor shelf. “You only drink scary things like whisky and dark rum. Women want something sweet and non-threatening.” Good advice. I started keeping a bottle of … Read More

Three Reads from The Booker Longlist

It seems like every jerk with a Twitter account is shilling a self-published e-book these days. While I’ve got nothing against digital prose, I prefer someone else to sort the quality from the nonsense. Fortunately, literary prizes do exactly that. The Booker Prize, awarded yearly to the best book by … Read More

Debunking the Myth of Blended Whisky

The worst sort of person I meet on a regular basis the sort who looks down their nose at blended whisky. The stigma blended whisky bears is unfair and wholly undeserved. Connoisseurs know better. Jim Murray, writer of the annual Whisky Bible, is king of connoisseurs and has been championing … Read More

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