The 21st Century Golfer

For a theoretically minimalist game — no running, no body contact, no pads — golf is one of the more extensive sports when it comes to equipment. It also boasts some of the coolest gadgets and gizmos on the leisure market and, better still, is one of the rarest games, … Read More

Toronto’s Finest, Cheapest Golf Courses

Golf is a gentleman’s sport, but extortionate green fees mean that often, you’ve got to be a very wealthy gentleman to enjoy the game. Thankfully, Toronto and the surrounding areas offer a solid selection of affordable courses, so you can spend your summer on the greens without breaking the bank. … Read More

Calgary’s Finest, Cheapest Golf Courses

Golf is a dealmaker’s game, and exorbitant green fees tend to limit the game to the wealthy. But Calgary’s home to some affordable gems nestled away in and around town; you just have to know where to look. Look no further. Shaganappi Point Fee: $19.50 for 9 holes, mid-week A … Read More

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