Surviving London With Our Lousy Loonie

London and I weren’t talking for a while in the ‘90s and 2000s when the Canadian rupee was consistently languishing at nearly a third the value of the pound. But somehow I kept being drawn to this immense locus of culture and history. At the time of writing, our shitty … Read More

The London Ticket Race

Do you like: a) solving puzzles, b) winning entry to British-themed parties, and c) the chance to win tickets to London? If you said yes to all three, then we have some good news. Tomorrow is Flight Centre’s We Love London ticket race. Follow them on social media and check … Read More

The DailyXY Guide to London

Having the toll of Big Ben in your ears, the smell of Borough Market in your nostrils, and the images in the Tate Modern in your eyes, London is a sensory experience every world traveler must take in. But with so much to choose from, doing it all during one … Read More

Rapha City Cycling Europe

What are you doing this summer? Cycling tour of Paris, Milan, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Barcelona, Antwerp, or Amsterdam? Well, you’re in luck, because Rapha City Cycling Europe ($45) is a collection of cycling guides for exactly those eight cities. Each guide is pocket sized, gives you plenty of lesser-known street routes, … Read More

London by Gigapixel

Have a hankering to visit London? Well, here’s the next best thing: a massively detailed panorama shot of London from BT Tower. It’s impressive technology, even if it leads to things like this:

This is a test