The Physical Sensation of Depression

In the spirit of opening up about mental health, here’s the thing about depression: you know how depressed people sometimes talk about a sinking feeling in their gut? It isn’t metaphorical, they’re actually feeling that. It hasn’t been a well-studied part of mental health, but a new study published in … Read More

Bad Bosses: The Leading Cause of Workplace Depression

It isn’t the pressure you’re under, the amount of work you have yet to finish, or even your idiot co-worker who’s always quipping “that’s what she said!” that’s making you depressed. Granted those things don’t help, especially your co-worker with dumb jokes (ahem, Joel from accounting!). The thing that’s really … Read More

Green Space is Good For Your Mental Health

Little Shop of Horrors had it right: your life will improve if you go somewhere that’s green. According to a study published in Environmental Science and Technology, moving to a greener neighbourhood can bring about immediate mental health benefits. The multi-year study, which involved over a thousand people, tracked participants … Read More

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