Cryptocurrency Fundamentals: What’s So Special About Bitcoin Anyways?

It seems like just yesterday the word “cryptocurrency” was on everyone’s lips. Prices were soaring. One month ago Bitcoin traded for $1200 USD.  Now it’s less than half that. The bubble has burst and, no surprise, the topic has faded from the mainstream news. Meanwhile, more and more scams are … Read More

Designers Building an App

How to Build An App Without A Programmer

You can’t deny it: Software is a part of everyday life whether you like it or not.  Until now, most of us have been slaves to software limitations and software developers.   However, as coding grows, actually knowing a coding language is getting less and less important.  Think back to … Read More

Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari Isn’t A Monster

The story of  Aziz Ansari and “the date from hell” is the latest in the recent swell of sexual allegations against celebrities and other public figures that began with the Harvey Weinstein expose a few months ago. The full story is very detailed and may bring up feelings that us guys would … Read More

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