NASA Has ‘No Idea’ How It’s Returning To The Moon

NASA is going back to the moon, but no one seems to know how. In December, President Trump signed a directive to “refocus America’s space program on human exploration and discovery” starting with the moon and later transitioning to a mission to Mars. The goal is ambitious because even those … Read More

Study Says Water On Mars May Actually Be Sand

Scientists believed they found evidence of water on Mars after spotting dark streaks on the red planet in 2011. These streaks, called recurring slope linae (RSL), appeared to indicate the presence of water beneath the surface. However, researchers now think the RSL may actually be granular flows of sand and … Read More

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Trump Helps Canada Helps Take Over Tech Industry

Ask anyone in the world which country dominates the tech industry, and they’ll most likely answer the United States. And they would have been right, up until the inauguration of President Trump, that is. According to a new detailed report by Politico, Trump’s anti-immigration crusade may keep out thousands of … Read More

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