The band Blur

Blur Bassist Calls Zeppelin, Stones ‘Grotesque’ In Profanity-Laced Rant

Alex James, the bassist of ‘90s Britpop band Blur, is not a fan of rock stars outliving their popularity. He’s tired of older, classic rock stars who keep touring, releasing albums, and acting like “teenagers.” During a recent interview with the Mirror, James, an award-winning cheesemaker, criticized fellow countrymen such as … Read More

Bookshelf: Eat Ink

Chefs are the new rock stars. Perhaps that used to be a disputable statement, but no longer. To be sure, the field has its poseurs—if the Rolling Stones had to compete with the Monkees, then Thomas Keller must tolerate Guy Fieri—but the culinary world combines elegance and grit in a … Read More

Fear of the Harp

Did you know there are harp versions of popular songs performed by musically accomplished and ascetically gifted twin sisters named Camille and Kennerly? Neither did we. And here we were going to four classically trained cellists of all our heavy metal orchestra covers. Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark [youtube … Read More

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