The Manliest White Wine: Riesling

I recently updated a tired saying, effectively creating a new wine-ism for the ages. Here it is: “When life gives you global warming, don’t make Pinot… Make Riesling.” What it lacks in catchiness, it offers in incisiveness. Global warming has been a boon for winemakers who grow Riesling grapes. Temperatures … Read More

Debunking Wine Myths

Humans, it’s safe to say, take comfort in stupid myths. Sure, the mouth of that Great Dane who just slipped you the tongue is cleaner than your own! And yes, you should shave twice a day – it will make your beard as thick and lustrous as God’s. Wine, however, seems … Read More

Wine Wars: The Past, Present and Future of Rioja

There’s a war raging over Rioja, a wine, usually red, named for a region in northeastern Spain. Historically admired for its subtle, oak-aged wonders, Rioja is at the centre of a worldwide conflict over just wine should taste. Jonathan Nossiter underlined Rioja’s troubles in his 2007 book, Taste and Power. … Read More

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