The Urban Mobile Office, Vancouver

When it comes to working on the go, Vancouver offers a multitude of spots where you can grab more than just coffee and a comfy seat and hook into the internet. Aesthetics are the new caffeine, and there’s nothing wrong staking your territory early and staying for a good time and a long time. Productivity is a state of mind, and the following spots will place your mind in a great state.

Nelson the Seagull
Those seeking quality coffees, fresh bread and perhaps a salad or picnic board should pop into Gastown’s Nelson the Seagull for some good eats and email. Vegan-friendly and organic in both feel and nature, the place just vibes healthy and sunny. The Euro decor makes the room itself feel like, West Coast notwithstanding, you’ve just crossed the Atlantic. 315 Carrall St., 604-681-5776

We would certainly never recommend drinking during the business day. Then again, some of us need to scan the dailies, and a pint of craft beer can make the sensationalism that passes for news somewhat more palatable. Full brunch, lunch and dinner menu available; mussels and frites always a favourite. 3305 Cambie St., 604-874-6900

Miura Waffle Milk Bar
With sweet and savoury waffles, and waffle sandwiches filled with everything from ham and eggs to beef and kimchi, this is the one spot in town where waffles and Wi-Fi go hand in hand. Great coffee, milkshakes and daily soups also on the menu. 829 Davie St. 604-687-2909

The Prophouse Café
Out on Commercial Drive, those in the know find comfort at the Prophouse. The café is named for being the actual prop house for movies in Vancouver, as the room is filled with funky furniture, sculptures and antiques. Grab a coffee and head to the back room, though: You’ve got work to do. 1636 Venables, 604-733-5665

Vancouver Public Library
When you’ve left your laptop at home, or simply need some peace and quiet, the Vancouver Public Library is a great escape. The main branch is conveniently right downtown with plenty of events and courses offered, and when it comes to research here, you can choose paper or paperless. Free Wi-Fi for those with library cards. 350 West Georgia St., 604-331-3603

Image courtesy of Sharyn Morrow.


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