No Brainer, No Cheater

Listen, if the head of the CIA and the former Commander of U.S. Forces Afghanistan can’t juggle his complicated love life, what makes you think you can?

Okay. Fine. Perhaps you’re just a guy. Just a guy dating a girl, maybe even living with a girl, but then there’s this other girl and, well, now there are two girls and what’s a guy with a big, loving hard heart to do?

Then another girl comes along. Now, it’s a full-on party, except the guests never meet each other… until they do.

Here’s how:

You brag maybe to just one friend, your best friend. Your best friend whose girlfriend is friends with your girlfriend.

You email or you text. You just texted your other lady and left the iPhone in the bathroom because you were rushing to work and your girlfriend stayed home sick.

Her intuition. You think it’s magic, but it’s really science. Intuitive perception is a sophisticated psychological process where the heart and brain work together to detect information based on how things feel. Still not convinced? How do NFL quarterbacks know which receiver to throw the ball to?

You pick a girl who won’t take shit, or one whose intuition is so out of whack she gets suspicious and jealous and does something unpredictable, possibly dangerous.

Or you pick a girl who gets passively involved in some other scandal and her own demons get exposed, thus implicating you. (See David Petraeus, John R. Allen.)

Image courtesy of The U.S. Army.

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