Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Just when you thought it was safe to enter malls again post-Christmas, you’re confronted with obnoxious red-and-pink displays of tiny hearts and stuffed animals. That’s right. It’s Valentine’s Day season. And if you’re coupled up, it’s pretty much a law that you acknowledge it in some way to your special someone (that is, if you want to get lucky).

So what do women want? Well, that’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? We might not be able to answer that in 600 words, but we can guide you to some pretty awesome gifts. It might not be as kinky or kooky as Kim K’s, but we think our Valentine’s Day gift guide is still pretty dope. From the sexy to the sweet, we’ve got you covered.

Be Adventurous

If the idea of sitting still for more than an hour freaks your lady out, then get her endorphins pumping by…going on a balloon ride. Sundance Balloons offers balloon trips across Canada, including Toronto and Barrie. Currently, they’re offering a Valentine’s Special, so you better reserve ASAP. It’s an experience that will surely send your love to new heights.

For those who prefer to stay grounded, partner yoga will not only get your blood flowing, but it also builds trust between you and your significant other. A number of yoga studios hold special partner yoga workshops around Valentine’s Day, including Toronto’s Yoga Sanctuary for $45 per couple. It’s a great way to strengthen your bod—and your love.

Get Creative

Drugstore chocolates and roses don’t cut it for the creative cutie in your life, so surprise her with a personally curated iTunes playlist. Think of it as the digital mixed tape – which we all know is sexy as hell. Add some of your fave songs, as well as some classic love ballads and dirty sounds (we like Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” for the romance and Missy Elliot’s “Work It” for the raunch). Afterwards, go to the Store tab in iTunes and select Share Playlist. Click Gift, and your girlfriend will be ready to “Marvin Gaye and get it on” as soon as she walks through the door after work.

Buy Something Fashionable

Remember: diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so you might want to scoop up this lovely Swarovski gift set featuring red crystal hearts for $169 from Hudson’s Bay. If your sweetie is more low-key, then gift her with one of these cute Heart Shaped Crossover Bags from Indigo for only $45. And remember: if you really want your lady sporting some new lingerie, go together and choose something that you will both appreciate (if you had to wear underwire and a g-string, you’d understand).

Go Sexy

A pole dancing or lap dance class at Toronto’s Brass Vixens is the kind of sexy gift that both you and your woman can take pleasure in: not only will she get a good workout, but it’s a workout she can show you later at home. If you’re interested in learning more about your libido together, Good For Her has a series of hot workshops for couples, including Erotic Massage and the Sophisticated Handjob. This is the kind of homework you will actually enjoy doing.

Treat Her to Something Sweet

Instead of the clichéd box of chocolates, indulge your sweetheart with something more romantic and unique. Head on over to the One of a Kind online gift shop and treat her with a custom 15 piece message in Belgian chocolates from Love & co. Chocolaterie for $30. Spell our heart’s desire with an adoring simple message, like those three simple words (no, not” Netflix and Chill”), or a cute inside joke. Another option? Say “I love you” with a box of delicious macaroons from Nadege Patisserie in a Je T’aime Box from $38, or select one of their scrumptious heart-shaped cakes from $32. Hey—at least it’s cheaper than a trip to Paris.



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