Women Do Get More Wild on Vacation

That old saw about women being more into random hook-ups on vacation is true. How do we know? A study in Tourism Management says so.

Researchers interviewed a series of women on their sexual habits when in roam, and they found that not only are women more likely to have sex with relative strangers, but they’re also more likely to experiment and push sexual boundaries.

According to author Liza Berdychevsky, “Sometimes it is that sense of anonymity and that sense of detachment that enables women to leave behind some of their social baggage, statuses, roles, worries, and caring responsibilities. Even not having your phone or laptop computer on you often results in a different state of mind.”

So, everything you’ve been told about vacation is true—and in better news, it’s off-season, so it’s the ideal time to hit the beaches in the Caribbean. Or Croatia.

Photo courtesy of Jay Peeples

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