Montreal Butchers

It doesn’t need to be BBQ season for you to want to buy the best beef from the best butcher. (Plus, real men continue to BBQ through the winter.) Building a relationship with a good butcher is just as important as finding the right barber or family doctor. Here are … Read More

Where to Buy Groceries in Toronto

Big-brand supermarkets are like malls: Clean, efficient and slightly alienating. We prefer to buy food from somewhere neighbourhood-oriented — and preferably not publicly traded. Herewith, where to buy good, fresh groceries in Toronto. Fiesta Farms For 20-plus years, Fiesta has been offering quality produce, meat, ethnic ingredients and knowledgeable staff. … Read More

The Beauty of Belly Catering

If you see “For a great experience call Nicole at…” etched into the walls of your gym’s locker room, think of it as a public service announcement. Nicole Kruzick, head foodie of Belly Catering is a culinary MacGyver. With her various services, she will elevate you from just being able … Read More

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