Calgary’s Best Spring Coats

It’s a tired cliché, but the fact is, Calgary’s weather changes often, and usually without warning. Come spring, it’s never safe to assume a day that starts sunny will stay that way for long. As such, a proper spring jacket is crucial. Here, five of the finest. The Bomber Jacket … Read More

7 Essential Ties for Guys

There are many things a tie should not be: It should not be musical or flashy. It should not be funny, and it should never, ever be zany. It should work flawlessly with your outfit, neither drawing attention to itself, nor fading into obscurity. And while choosing the right tie is never entirely simple, if you find one that fits … Read More

Calgary’s Best Power Lunch Spots

According to an old Spanish proverb, the belly rules the mind. Thus, a meeting of the minds should always be accompanied by a great meal. To that end, we present Calgary’s best power lunch restaurants. The Belvedere An opulent slice of New York in downtown Calgary, the Belvedere oozes sophistication. … Read More

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