Tangerine Bank bungled its low cost credit card and customers are now paying for it

So you found a credit card that pays you for using it, offered by a hip bank, Tangerine, that wants to share its profits with its customers by providing 2% cashback on purchases in two categories of the customer’s choice, 1% back on all other purchase, a 1.5% foreign currency … Read More

Too many white kids are going to arts-focused schools … Really?

There are too many white kids going to Toronto’s publicly funded arts schools. That is the preliminary angle the Toronto Star ran with when it published this story on April 24, after receiving a copy of a soon to be published academic article produced by an associate professor at the … Read More

More Russian bear sightings in the Canadian Artic

The bears in question are Tupolev Tu-95 Russian bombers – with the NATO code-name “Bear.” So, what are Russian nuclear bombers doing mucking around in the Canadian Arctic? The Bear Bomber has been around since 1956, and was first intended as a nuclear bomber… and it carried some whoppers in … Read More

Why Bill O’Reilly was really ousted from Fox News and what it means for your career

The news broke today that Twenty-First Century Fox Inc has decided to end its relationship with top-rated cable news host Bill O’Reilly over mounting allegations of sexual harassment. The thing is, those allegations have been around for a long time. They weren’t news to the news corp. So, it wasn’t … Read More

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