A Guide to Toronto Blogs

Recently we wrote an article about Toronto’s, wait for it, world-class basketball blogs! (Rome, Paris and Tokyo eat your heart out.) And that inspired this guide to guides to what’s happening here. So put down your alt-weekly and shed the notion that bloggers are just pimply elf-lords. We guarantee you won’t miss another decent restaurant opening or book launch.

: Proof that blogs aren’t just maintained by random dudes any more. This site is updated several times a day by a serious editorial staff and is part of the Gothamist network, which maintains sites for 14 cities. Although it lacks the personal voice of some online journals, it gives a good overview of what’s going on in TO. (They wrote about XYYZ once, and their readers crapped all over us.)

: A collection of writers and photographers offer their opinions on everything from art shows to city politics. Style varies by writer, so you can pick your favorites. For more efficient blog-reading, structure the site by setting the RSS feed by author or subject.

Toronto Street Fashion: Everyone needs a little cyber candy and this site satisfies that craving. Covering the local fashion scene, this blog is light on the text and heavy on the photos. Toronto Street Fashion allows you to ogle the fashionistas of the city without leaving your computer.

: Chroniclers of city life gather here to share photos and rants about urban living. More of a free-for-all than the others as anyone can post, but still offers some interesting perspectives and pictures. You can also browse by city so you’re not limited to Toronto.

And of course to stay in the know, keep reading the Wyre every day and encourage your friends to do the same.

Handel’s Messiah live. Even if your knowledge of the Messiah is limited to that old milk commercial with Toller Cranston skating to the Hallelujah Chorus, you must experience this masterpiece live at least once in your life. Tafelmusik Orchestra and Chamber Choir is a Toronto institution which plays its music on original baroque instruments. Tonight through Friday at St Paul’s, 427 Bloor, just west of Spadina.

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