Cigars, Whiskey, and Suffering

The Cigar, SimplyGear Patrol
“I read that Bismark calmed an angry crowd in Paris by producing a cigar and asking a Frenchman for a light. Mark Twain enjoyed smoking the most noxious cigars he could find out on his front porch. Churchill dipped his in cognac and smoked them so incessantly it’s a wonder he didn’t kill his political opponents with secondhand smoke.”

How Chemistry Can Explain the Difference Between a Bourbon and a Tennessee WhiskeySmithsonian
“When it comes to the magic of whiskey, their complex profiles might be explained the chemical fingerprints that separate them from one another — and change the way that they taste.”

The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Guide to Being a ManBusiness Insider
Stop talking about where you went to college. Always carry cash.  Keep some in your front pocket. Rebel from business casual. Burn your khakis and wear a suit or jeans.”

Evidence Based Justice: Corrupted MemoryNature
“In a career spanning four decades, Loftus, a psychologist at the University of California, Irvine, has done more than any other researcher to document the unreliability of memory in experimental settings. And she has used what she has learned to testify as an expert witness in hundreds of criminal cases — Pacely’s was her 101st — informing juries that memories are pliable and that eyewitness accounts are far from perfect recordings of actual events.”

How Paypal and Reddit Faked Their Way to TractionMedium
“Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman admitted that the link-sharing site was initially seeded with fake profiles posting links to simulate activity. The key was that the links being posted were the kind of content the founders wanted to see on the site over time.”

The Global Elite’s Favourite StrongmanThe New York Times
“No country in Africa, if not the world, has so thoroughly turned itself around in so short a time, and Kagame has shrewdly directed the transformation. Measured against many of his colleagues, like the megalomaniac Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who ran a beautiful, prosperous nation straight into the ground, or the Democratic Republic of Congo’s amiable but feckless Joseph Kabila, who is said to play video games while his country falls apart, Kagame seems like a godsend.”

The Value of SufferingThe New York Times
“Philosophy cannot cure a toothache, and the person who starts going on about its long-term benefits may induce a headache, too. Anyone who’s been close to a loved one suffering from depression knows that the vicious cycle behind her condition means that, by definition, she can’t hear the logic or reassurances we extend to her; if she could, she wouldn’t be suffering from depression.”

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