Cigar Box Speakers

Here’s a dilemma every cigar smoker faces: what do to with the old cigar boxes? You don’t feel like throwing them out, given that they’re made of wood and smell like cigars, but there’s a pretty limited number of reasons you need a small box. Owen & Fred solved the … Read More

Cigars, Whiskey, and Suffering

The Cigar, Simply – Gear Patrol “I read that Bismark calmed an angry crowd in Paris by producing a cigar and asking a Frenchman for a light. Mark Twain enjoyed smoking the most noxious cigars he could find out on his front porch. Churchill dipped his in cognac and smoked … Read More

Premium Alternatives to Cuban Cigars

For decades, Cuba has enjoyed (mostly deservedly) a knee-jerk association with the very idea of the premium cigar. Fair enough: The country boasts the ideal climate and rich soil for growing tobacco — its biggest export by a wide margin — and indeed yields some of the world’s finest cigars. … Read More

Calgary’s Top Cigar Shops

It’s funny to think of cigars as having a particular season, but the smoking ban reality of life in Calgary means that warm summer evenings are a godsend for cigar lovers. In celebration of the cigar season, then, we present our favourite stogie shops in town. Zigarren Canada’s largest walk-in … Read More

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