Your Best Memories Are Made by Age 25

We’re sorry to depress you, but here it goes: according to some senior citizens who’d better damn well be lying, all the most important memories of your life are made by the time you’re twenty-five. Well, according to the seniors and the psychologists researching them, anyway. Their study, published in … Read More

Sleep is Essential in Memory Formation

Finding yourself struggling to remember small things? Well, how much sleep are you getting? A study published in Sleep has found that sleep promotes growth between neurones; prior to this, it was understood that there was some connection between sleep and memory, but now the mechanism is understood. Researchers trained … Read More

Walking Improves Creative Thinking

Need to generate ideas? Take a stroll. A study (pdf warning) published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition has found that walking can double your creativity. Researchers had 176 subjects complete a series of experiments involving walking on a treadmill, walking outdoors, sitting inside, sitting outdoors, … Read More

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