New (Potential) Baldness Therapy

University of Pennsylvania researchers have published a paper in Nature describing a new way to regenerate hair follicles and potentially treat baldness. The technology is licensed by Follica, a company specializing in hair growth. The research indicates a relationship between hair growth and the immune system. Researchers found that, after … Read More

Cigars, Whiskey, and Suffering

The Cigar, Simply – Gear Patrol “I read that Bismark calmed an angry crowd in Paris by producing a cigar and asking a Frenchman for a light. Mark Twain enjoyed smoking the most noxious cigars he could find out on his front porch. Churchill dipped his in cognac and smoked … Read More

Driving Distance, Calgary: Winter Escapes

Two weeks in Bora Bora might not be realistic for you this winter, but fun in the sun can be overrated. There are many world-class accommodation options within a two-hour drive of Calgary; any of them make celebrating the seasonal frost cooler than cruising on a catamaran. Here, five quick … Read More

Driving Distance, Vancouver: White Rock

Less than an hour’s drive from Vancouver, White Rock is an ideal spot to spend a day enjoying nature and appreciating the arts: visual, culinary and performance. The main attraction is the eight-kilometre sandy beach on Semiahmoo Bay, but don’t let the bad winter weather dissuade you from a visit. … Read More

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