Seventeen Things to Do in Calgary on 17th Avenue

Calgary’s Uptown 17th Avenue offers a ton of options for those of you looking to eat, shop, and play. Here, XYYC’s 2008 list of top picks for things to see and do in the area. For more information, and a full listing of shops and services, visit the area’s website.

1. Eat cheese at Janice Beaton Fine Cheese, 310 908 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Picks: Double Cream Brie, Applewood Smoked Cheddar, 8-year-old Raw Milk Cheddar, Piconero con Brandy, Cave-aged Gruyere.

2. Get a sugar high at Crave Cookies and Cupcakes, 120 815 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Picks: A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts, Crave-O-Licious, and Dirty Blonde cupcakes, oatmeal raisin cookies.

3. Grab a slice at The Wicked Wedge Pizza Co., 618 17 Ave. SW. XYYC Picks: Pork in the Garden, Yo Mama, The Hammer.

4. Pick up at The Ship and Anchor Pub, 534 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Picks: A Velvet Fog for you, a Raspberry Ale for the lady.

5. Buy some “bedroom supplies” at Shopper’s Drug Mart, 815 Ave. SW.
XYYC Tip: Three blocks down from the Ship and Anchor.

6. Watch sports at Melrose Café and Bar, 730 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Picks: Eye candy patio, Heart of the Red Mile platter.

7. Sip a martini late at night at Ming, 520 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Picks: Mother Teresa, Buddha, Napoleon.

8. Get your Hip Hop fix at Ghetto Blaster, 1314a 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Picks: Shoes, mags, spray paint.

8. Gear up for summer outdoor get-aways at Abominable Sports, 300A 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Picks: Bike and watersport carriers, hiking boots, sport sandals.

9. Get polished at The Brow Studio, 614B 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Picks: A four minute-face lift (i.e. eyebrow wax).

10. Buy her flowers at Purple Orchid, 810A 16 Ave. SW.
XYYC Picks: Imported flowers from Mexico and New Zealand.

11. Drop off your dry cleaning at Fishman’s Drycleaning, 615B 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Tip: Park on 6 Street.

12. Sample chocolate for free with your girl at Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut, 847 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Picks: Hand-rolled chocolate truffles, hot chocolate mix.

13. Read the New York Times at Daily Globe News, 1004 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Tip: Carries over 75 international newspapers and 4,000 international magazines.

14. Buy or sell second-hand books at Wee Book Inn, 1010 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Tip: Open until midnight.

15. Pick up a Cuban at La Casa Del Tabac Fine Cigars Ltd., 1126 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Tip: Drink it with a French 75 (1 1/2 oz gin or champagne, 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice, 3/4 oz simple syrup: shake with ice, strain into glass)

16. Shoot a game of pool at Olympic Billiards, 1312 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Tip: Located beside L&P Foods.

17. Grab a bottle of wine to go with your cheese at The Wine Shop, 550 17 Ave. SW.
XYYC Picks: Bin Ends/Best Values, 2005 Paso Robles Syrah, 1985 Fonesca Vintage Port.

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