Montreal’s Top Cigar Lounges

When Quebec’s anti-smoking law came into effect in 2006, the only folks heaving a smoky sigh of relief were cigar aficionados. Thanks to a grandfather clause, the law spared cigar lounges (unlike Toronto, where only an array of now-smokeless shops remains; for the finest of these, click here). Presenting Montreal’s … Read More

Seventeen Things to Do in Calgary on 17th Avenue

Calgary’s Uptown 17th Avenue offers a ton of options for those of you looking to eat, shop, and play. Here, XYYC’s 2008 list of top picks for things to see and do in the area. For more information, and a full listing of shops and services, visit the area’s website. … Read More

Five Things You Should Know About Jazz

Theme and variations: these are the essential elements of jazz. Simple. The vast majority of jazz is one or more musicians establishing a theme – a song, riff or line – and futzing around with it. America’s gift to the arts, jazz started when the descendants of slaves brought sophisticated … Read More

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