Premium Alternatives to Cuban Cigars

For decades, Cuba has enjoyed (mostly deservedly) a knee-jerk association with the very idea of the premium cigar. Fair enough: The country boasts the ideal climate and rich soil for growing tobacco — its biggest export by a wide margin — and indeed yields some of the world’s finest cigars. … Read More

Toronto’s Best Cigar Shops

Cigars, cigars everywhere…but not a place to smoke. Toronto’s anti-smoking legislation hit cigar smokers where it hurts, making the Toronto cigar lounge a relic of the past. We didn’t have Montreal’s luck, where existing lounges were allowed to keep operating when the smoking ban came into effect. Toronto’s lounges, on … Read More

Seventeen Things to Do in Calgary on 17th Avenue

Calgary’s Uptown 17th Avenue offers a ton of options for those of you looking to eat, shop, and play. Here, XYYC’s 2008 list of top picks for things to see and do in the area. For more information, and a full listing of shops and services, visit the area’s website. … Read More

Five Things You Should Know About Jazz

Theme and variations: these are the essential elements of jazz. Simple. The vast majority of jazz is one or more musicians establishing a theme – a song, riff or line – and futzing around with it. America’s gift to the arts, jazz started when the descendants of slaves brought sophisticated … Read More

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