Food Addiction is Real

In case the wide variety of food photography out there didn’t tip you off, people can be addicted to food. Hunger doesn’t even have to enter into the equation.

This comes to us from a study published in Frontiers in Psychology. Researchers had groups of normally-sized people and groups of obese people look at series of images and click them right away—the second they appeared on screen. Some were of everyday objects (doorknob, computer mouse) and others were of delicious food. The participants did this test immediately after eating and again three hours later.

The obese subjects did more poorly on the simple test than the healthy-weight subjects. They also reported feeling hungry just by looking at images of food—even if they’d just eaten.

So, does that describe you? Well, we recommend a course of tough love, then pick up the book Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha. You can do it! Arnold says so!

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