FYI: Your friends hate your vacation pics (especially this one)

A new poll has uncovered the most hated photo on Facebook. It turns out that people really don’t like seeing their friends’ vacation pictures plastering their newsfeed. The study – conducted by insurance firm Aviva – found that 73 per cent pf people are annoyed by seeing other people’s vacation … Read More

How Capturing the Moment Ruins the Moment

Ever crack open your lighter just as Willie Nelson is getting ready to start crooning a soothing ballad, only to have approximately five billion people around you whip out their smartphones . . . or worse, iPads? Well, now there’s science to back up what every non-annoying person has known … Read More

Food Addiction is Real

In case the wide variety of food photography out there didn’t tip you off, people can be addicted to food. Hunger doesn’t even have to enter into the equation. This comes to us from a study published in Frontiers in Psychology. Researchers had groups of normally-sized people and groups of … Read More

Instagrams of the Rich and Awesome

Newly-acquired Toronto Blue Jays shortstop, Jose Reyes, is a man of many talents. In addition to being a damn fine infielder, 2011 batting champion and all-around very good baseball player, he also oozes with style and charisma, as evidenced by his prolific Instagram feed. With over 15,000 followers and counting, … Read More

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