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It doesn’t need to be BBQ season for you to want to buy the best beef from the best butcher. (Plus, real men continue to BBQ through the winter.) Building a relationship with a good butcher is just as important as finding the right barber or family doctor. Here are some suggestions that vary from hole-in-the-wall to boutique; still, we pledge that these are the finest and freshest meat counters in Montreal has to offer.

Boucherie de Tours
It’s no surprise that a butcher in the Atwater Market would be a cut above the rest of the pack in Montreal — in fact, many local restaurateurs choose Boucherie de Tours to supply meat for their meals. Keep an eye out for their specialty goods like goose foie gras, or play it safe with some of the most delicious spare ribs the city has to offer. 138 Marche Atwater, #8, 514-931-4406

This tight-aisle meat emporium is the best-stocked butcher in the Plateau. It’s also the only place where you can grab Picanhas, a Brazilian cut of meat specific for BBQing. While not of the highest quality, the expansive selection and friendly service at Alim-Pot will keep you coming again and again. 20 Roy St East, 514-982-6838

Slovenia Meats

Per the name, a Slovenian butcher; we particularly recommend coming here for sausages. Also toting some of the spiciest salami in Montreal, Slovenia Meats assuredly satisfies any carnivorous cravings while adding a little kick. They also have a small deli set up within the store, so stop by for a sandwich if you’re the type who needs real convincing. 6424 Clark Street, 514-279-8845

La Maison du Roti
Upscale market La Maison du Roti sells both local and imported cheeses, fresh baguettes, meat pies and quiches. They also have, in our opinion, the classiest setup in town: the mart feels like a contemporary take on butchery, boasting all the glam of boutique groceries but also an air of traditional craftsmanship. Our pick goes their peppercorn marinated skirt steak ($23/kg). 1969 Mont Royal St E., 514-521-2448

Boucherie de Paris
Out in Côte-des-Neiges, this shop plays a key role in supplying nearby University of Montreal students with fresh, homemade meals; while our days of being undergraduates are far behind us, we fondly recall the importance of a proper sandwich. Looking for something you can prepare yourself? They’re renowned for their Artisanal Bacon, a perfect side to eggs over-easy. 5216 Gatineau Ave., 514-731-6615

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  1. Definitely missing going to Queue de Cheval to get dry-aged steaks from Gavino the Butcher! Pricy but worth it!

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