Montreal’s Best Carribean Spots

It’s disheartening that the closest Kingston is home to snow and interminable winters… just like home. Fortunately, Montreal is blessed with delicacies from Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica and more, so it’s possible to pretend – if only for a glorious, fleeting moment – that the Kingston of beaches, reggae and ganja is within reach. Here’s where to find it.

Blue Mountain
Housed in a former pizzeria, this “Jamaican and Canadian food” spot serves up what is arguably the best jerk chicken in town, deep and dark and marinated in a tangy, magical sauce. Also recommended are the baked goods – the black cake is a fruitcake made with lots of rum. Yum. 5710 Victoria Avenue, (514) 313-7197.

Mr. Spicee
Serving up the Trinidadian delicacy known as the “double” – like a beef patty (which they also offer) but filled with a chickpea spread and topped with spicy sauce – and a killer roti, Mr. Spicee is a mainstay on the Victoria strip. 6899 Victoria Avenue, (514) 739-9714.

Ma’s Place
The name doesn’t lie: Ma’s familial atmosphere is topped only by hearty and satisfyingly spicy eats. 5889 Sherbrooke Street W., (514) 487-7488.

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