Where To Vacation Post-Irma and Maria

According to Albert Herrer, senior vice president at luxury travel agencies network Virtuoso, many places affected by Irma should be fully repaired in time for winter travel, fingers crossed. Still, just so we consider all the winter-break options, one way to get away to warmer climes and do some good … Read More

Volkswagen’s Controversial Ad Reshot

[youtube width=”640″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dGSKQnMH4g[/youtube] Remember that Volkswagen commercial that people were saying was racist? Charles Blow of the New York Times called it “like blackface but with different voices” while the Wall Street Journal’s Jimmy Cliff noted that the ad’s entire shtick was centred around “the fact that the accent was coming … Read More

Alternate Travel Destinations

As an active vacationer, possibly you’re tired of the same old, same old. Maybe you seek adventure not in the sense of danger and physical challenge, but in simply choosing to think outside the cartographic grid. Here, four emerging destinations that provide exciting, far-less-discovered alternatives to corresponding old favourites. Instead of … Read More

Montreal’s Best Carribean Spots

It’s disheartening that the closest Kingston is home to snow and interminable winters… just like home. Fortunately, Montreal is blessed with delicacies from Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica and more, so it’s possible to pretend – if only for a glorious, fleeting moment – that the Kingston of beaches, reggae and ganja … Read More

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