Super Bowl XLVI in Montreal

Ah, the Super Bowl: perhaps Canada’s favourite game that doesn’t result in immediate rioting, the destruction of downtown cores and the damning of our reputation for being the “civilized” North Americans. But that isn’t to say we won’t get rowdy. For those looking to get outdoors (and promptly back indoors) for the definitively Male sports events of the year, we’ve nailed down the cities’ best for the festivities:

McLean’s Pub
Sure in Ireland “football” means something entirely different, but thankfully whiskey is a universal language. If you’re looking for a place to satiate your appetite as well as keep your whistle wet, we recommend their signature McLean’s burger — bacon and cream cheese atop a half pound of beef. McLean’s Pub might seem like your standard Irish pub, but there’s one exception: three of their tables are outfitted with these wonderful devices called “Mac’s Taps” — essentially giving patrons the liberty to pour their own pints. Hell, cheers to that. 1210 Peel St., 514-392-7770.

Stade Uniprix 
The official Super Bowl XLVI party, presented by Bud Light and the NFL itself, was recently usurped from CEPSUM — the sport’s arena at University of Montreal. While this change in location may be controversial and dismaying to some (a break in tradition, a $40 increase in ticket cost), the party itself might be too good to pass up. Seeing the game at a regular bar might “do the trick,” but you’ll be missing out on the feats of the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader squad. Ahem, need we say more? 285 Faillon St. W., 514-273-1515.

Get to Champs early or make reservations because this double-decker, thirty-odd TV screen, bar and eatery is perhaps the most popular Super Bowl host in the city. Come gorge out on ribs and wings, beer aplenty, and surround yourself with likeminded (or oppositional) fans. With an unbeatable ambiance, Champs is the safe bet if you’re looking for a foolproof Super Bowl Sunday. 3956 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-987-6444.

Chez Serge
This year Chez Serge is doing a double-header that’ll both test the endurance of your sports enthusiasm and your liver. Show up at 2PM for the Habs against the Jets and stay through ‘til the Super Bowl party starting at 4:30. If you can hold your liquor, the bar also has a fully functional (and, for the uninitiated, completely dangerous) mechanical bull — which might be the best seat in the city for watching the final quarter. 5301 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-270-3262.

Image courtesy of paradigm10.  

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