Parenting is the most active thing I do. Am I going to die?

If you’re a working parent, I don’t have to tell you that free time is a rare treat. Most of the time, you’re shuffling back and forth between two very important tasks – making a living, and making sure your kids don’t die. From the early morning to the late evening, you’ve basically got no time to yourself to pursue things that you personally enjoy and find valuable. That’s not to say you don’t find your kids and job valuable, but it would sure be nice to get away for a while. But let’s face it: that’s probably not happening anytime soon.

And because you’re so busy with life, it’s not just the fun things you’re missing out on – you may very well be ignoring your own health, too. After all, you’re probably missing out on eating full meals, forced instead to shove your kids’ leftovers down your gullet in those precious moments when they’re not throwing it against the walls. On top of that, you’re also probably not finding much time to head to the gym or out for a run.

Yes, parenting is probably the most active thing you do. And you might be left asking yourself, is that bad? If parenting is the closest you get to exercising, are you gonna die sooner?

Well, maybe. It’s important, as a parent, to set aside some time for your own health. Maybe that means getting up a bit earlier so you can get to the gym for a short workout, or jogging around the neighbourhood while pushing your toddler in a stroller. If you’re lucky, maybe you can find a friend to watch the kids for an hour while you work on your health. Or, better yet, look for a gym that offers babysitting/daycare service.

But if all else fails, you might still be able to stay healthy while parenting. After all, being a parent is a full-contact job, so If you play it right, you could just manage to stay in shape while parenting. So when your kids run around in circles, run with them. Try lifting them over your head, like a bunch of weights (which they are). Go for a father-son bike ride. Or introduce them to your exercise regimen – they’ll probably get a kick out of trying to emulate your moves.

You’re probably still not going to get as much of a workout as you want, or need. But it’s something. And parenting is all about sacrifice, right?

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