The Breakfast of Champions

When most people think of eating healthy, they think of skinless chicken breasts and salads, or low-fat cottage cheese. I’m telling you, it doesn’t work for everyone. I used to eat like that and at first I saw results. I lost weight, got leaner and stronger, but I was damaging myself from the inside and was constantly getting nagging injuries along the way. I later learned that the way I was eating was doing more damage that good because It wasn’t the right kind of foods for me.

I now follow the metabolic typing diet. On this diet you eat according to your metabolic type. You figure out your type by answering a series of questions about how you feel after eating certain kinds of foods. There are three basic types: protein, mixed or carb. I am a protein type and need to eat meals with a high protein content and a high fat content. I do better on darker and richer meats. All my food comes from organic sources because the fat is where all the toxins and garbage that commercially raised meat are fed is stored.

I eat three organic eggs fried in organic butter, three strips or nitrate free naturally raised bacon, a small amount of greens with olive oil and balsamic and a quarter of an avocado everyday for breakfast.

I eat the same way for all my other meals. I’ve never eaten more fat and butter in my life, but I’m in better shape, all the injuries are gone – and I have never felt better.

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