Bilingual Alexa

Imagine Using Alexa As A Real-Time Language Translator

Deciphering foreign languages will become even easier after Amazon teaches Alexa how to translate languages in real time. The retail giant is reportedly working on the feature for the voice-activated digital assistant as well as its Echo smart speakers. Google Pixel Buds, Samsung’s Bixby assistant, and another service already offer … Read More

Amazon Go

Amazon Go Store: No Cashiers Or Checkout Lines

Amazon has opened a special brick and mortar grocery store for people in a rush as well as introverts who don’t like interacting with others. The first artificial intelligence-powered Amazon Go store launched in Seattle, Wash., on Monday over a year after the company announced its plans for the high-tech … Read More

Comfortable Weatherproof Dress Shoes That Are Office-Friendly

With the weather as unpredictable as its been, this year, it’s become a dire necessity to show up to work not just stylish, but in a weatherproof ensemble. Many think that you need to sacrifice style to stay element-savvy, but these budget-friendly options on Amazon prove that’s not the case … Read More

Apps bring small town service to the big city

If you visit the Western world only now and then, residing outside it, the evolutionary leaps of technological change are inevitably startling. But sometimes, oddly, what is most new can feel quite old. I went to a CVS drugstore in Chicago and they had a big sign touting their app … Read More

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