Apps bring small town service to the big city

If you visit the Western world only now and then, residing outside it, the evolutionary leaps of technological change are inevitably startling. But sometimes, oddly, what is most new can feel quite old. I went to a CVS drugstore in Chicago and they had a big sign touting their app … Read More

The start up how to, by Waze app guru Uri Levine

2017’s already looking like it could be the year you save even more time and money using apps, and you may have Israeli Uri Levine to thank for it. Levine, 51, a computer programmer, investor, and start up guru, was Waze co-founder (with two others) as well as president of the … Read More

State of the App Store

Wired already listed their 413 essential apps; this is just a rundown of the “most memorable”, which, in Internet-speak, means “stuff that got past the tech pages and into the mainstream press.” [Wired]

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