Five ways to get the feeling of Chicago

There are several reasons to visit Chicago, but foremost is the feeling. Chicago feels like a specific place; it resists the generic world. “I adore Chicago. It is the pulse of America,” Sarah Bernhardt said long ago, and the actress’s words are still used today on the side of the … Read More

Apps bring small town service to the big city

If you visit the Western world only now and then, residing outside it, the evolutionary leaps of technological change are inevitably startling. But sometimes, oddly, what is most new can feel quite old. I went to a CVS drugstore in Chicago and they had a big sign touting their app … Read More

Diego Maradona has a new team

Diego Maradona has travelled from the mountaintop to the water’s edge. The man who used to be the greatest soccer player on Earth has taken work as manager of a second-division team in the United Arab Emirates (Fifa country rank: #75). The team is Fujairah and they are located in … Read More

Expats in the Gulf States are now flying premium economy

In mid-June it will be three years since the oil price hit its most recent peak, at US $115 a barrel for Brent Crude. It fell all the way below US $30 at one point over those three years and is presently hovering around $52. How have the Gulf States — … Read More

Canadian mainstream

“Selfishness” isn’t a winning political principle in Canada

Ten or twenty years ago the catchphrase to describe an up-and-coming politician was “attractive and articulate.” Today’s catchphrase might well be “principled.” Both phrases, past and present, were code. What they really mean, whether used by an observer or a supporter, is this: You can consider this person socially acceptable; … Read More

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