5 Great Ways To Volunteer

The United Nations General Assembly mandated International Volunteer Day in 1985. It is a global celebration, which takes place on December 5 each year promoting the efforts of local, national, and international volunteers. This year’s theme is #VolunteersActFirst.Here.Everywhere to recognize those who have responded in times of crisis, those who … Read More

Apps bring small town service to the big city

If you visit the Western world only now and then, residing outside it, the evolutionary leaps of technological change are inevitably startling. But sometimes, oddly, what is most new can feel quite old. I went to a CVS drugstore in Chicago and they had a big sign touting their app … Read More

New research shows the simple way to get better service in bars and restaurants

Have trouble getting good service in restaurants? Does it seem like you’re always waiting for the server’s attention or that they seldom offer you another drink when your glass is empty? The problem could be your outfit. Science says that what you’re wearing when you go out affects how restaurant … Read More

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