The Sharper Chef, Montreal: Jeff Picard, Brutopia

Montreal’s Sharper Chef series will feature prominent chefs, brewers, vintners and distillers, sharing some of their finest (and often secret) insights. In this debut installment, we feature one of our favourite brewpubs: Brutopia, with a guided tour from Jeff Picard, general manager. Located in downtown Montreal and turning fifteen next … Read More

NHL Countdown, Montreal

As summer fades, our attention shifts from vacationing, barbequing, and feeling altogether carefree to more serious matters — namely, athletics. After spending your days outdoors you may need some reminders about where to watch Canada’s greatest sport. We know you’re busy with packing up your swim-trunks and patio set, so … Read More


Arguably the country’s best province for sheer brewpub selection, Quebec enjoys a well-earned reputation for artisanal brewing. It’s due more to free-spirited European attitude than French cultural influence (France being, naturellement, more of a wine country) but, whatever the reason, la belle province is a Canadian microbrew hotspot, and Montreal … Read More

Montreal’s Best Fall Beers

Quebec’s award-winning brewers cook up some of the best ales, lagers and pilsners this side of Bavaria. This fall, drink local and seasonal with Montreal’s best fall beers. Nine years ago, Unibroue launched a series of lightly spiced white ales called Éphémère, infused with seasonal fruit. The latest addition features … Read More

Montreal’s Best Local Brews

“Beer,” Benjamin Franklin is famously misquoted as saying, “is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Which is why it’s such a tragedy that so many Montrealers imbibe flavourless big brands. This, especially in a city with so many fine local brewers, many of whom get … Read More

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