Stan Lee’s Rants V

Toy packaging is terrible! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Why can’t I wear sneakers at Buckingham Palace! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] I believe in equality! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] You can’t trust refrigerator lights! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Kids are too wimpy! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Supreme court robes look silly! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Diners are better than fine dining! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

The New Dublin

Dublin’s best-known tourist site may be the 250-year-old Guinness Brewery. But like most tourist attractions, the brewery is, well, a bit touristy. Plus, it does little to offer a sense of the real character of a city that’s swimming with young, creative international types. On your next trip, skip the … Read More

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