Rob Ford Squeeze Toy

Stressed out? Is the media hounding you so bad that you’re about to go on one of your drunken stupors? Well, put it all behind you with a Rob Ford Squeeze Toy ($9), now on Kickstarter. Get yours before the inevitable lawsuit!

Stan Lee’s Rants V

Toy packaging is terrible! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Why can’t I wear sneakers at Buckingham Palace! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] I believe in equality! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] You can’t trust refrigerator lights! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Kids are too wimpy! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Supreme court robes look silly! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Diners are better than fine dining! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

F-35 vs. iPad

Last week was not a good one for supporters of this country’s plan to purchase 65 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter planes (JSF). First, negative news surfaced on the JSF’s price, with Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Officer projecting that the total development purchase and maintenance costs could hit $30 billion — $12 … Read More

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