Need a bag that fits cameras, lenses, cables, laptop, batteries, chargers, straps, tripod, and look stylish while doing so? Fortunately, the Smart DSLR Pro Bag from VENQUE ($150) has launched on Kickstarter. It has room for all the essentials to fit in an organized manner, and when you’re not shooting, … Read More

Swivl: Take Two

The new Swivl will be able to hold a DSLR; now the cameraman won’t have to sit out. [Swivl] [youtube width=”300″][/youtube]  

The Best Digital Cameras (for Under $500)

Capturing life’s most precious moments  – or simply creating a means to recall what you’ll inevitably later forget – doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here’s how to shoot everything from bachelor party to wedding to post-divorce retreat (once those bachelor party shots have surfaced): The best digital cameras for under … Read More

The Year’s Best Stuff 2010, Part III

The ’80s mantra “He who dies with the most toys wins” is a load of crap. Acquiring nice things isn’t the point of life, or the secret of happiness. Nevertheless: Sometimes it’s kind of awesome. Here, part three of our four-part series on the year’s 20 best new products (Part … Read More

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