The herd mentality is no way to choose investments

Investing news this year has seen many record days for US markets and solid returns in Emerging markets as well.  Such news heightens the peer pressure to get into the markets, and many people are doing just that, jumping into stocks or Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) to get a piece … Read More

Is Art a Good Investment?

Last week, Christie’s announced that 2010 had been a good year for them. Very, very good: The British auction house sold nearly $4.3 billion worth of art. Economic turmoil, it seems, hasn’t touched the art market. Some might even speculate that it’s had the reverse effect: With the markets proving … Read More

Six Financial New Year’s Resolutions

MoneyGuy is brought to you by RBC. Face it: Most New Year’s resolutions are a bust. This year, forget about dropping those pounds and focus on something more important: your money. Here, some financial resolutions for the new year. Because abs of steel won’t make you happy, but piles of money … Read More

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