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The Gen X/Gen Y Generation Gap, and More

The Gen X/Gen Y Generation Gap – Good Times “Maybe the Millennials secretly hate us—you’d have to ask them—but if they do, they’re doing an excellent job of hiding it. We hang out. It’s good. Sometimes, though—it’s not like it comes up a lot, just now and then—my Gen Xer … Read More

How Changed Libel Laws Unmasked Rob Ford, and More

Aboard Brand Italy – Monocle Welcome to diplomacy in the 21st century. Where once major powers used their navies to project strength and force others to toe the line – Commodore Perry’s black ships opening Japan to trade by gunpoint come to mind – countries are now finding less intimidating … Read More

Last Days of the Pirate Blackbeard, and More

The Dark Side of the Truffle Trade – The Atlantic “But both producers and buyers who do not exercise the same caution are vulnerable. The high-end industry has spawned a shadowy underworld, where tax evasion, nighttime heists, counterfeits, and sabotage are not uncommon. The schemes span continents and truffle types, … Read More

Dear Jerkbag

Things that go viral on Wall Street are usually hilarious. Or cause for termination. However, the thing currently going viral on Wall Street is an especially blunt cover letter. In it, a kid looking for an internship between his BA and Masters programs writes, “I won’t waste your time with … Read More

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